Sneak Peek: K.Michelle Breaks Into Her Ex’s Home to Make Sure He Ain’t Up to No Good

"Sometimes I would jump his gate to make sure he was by himself."
The season literally just started and K. Michelle is already plotting on her ex in this K. Michelle: My Life sneak peek. K. channels her younger self to hop over gates and ish to make sure her ex-boyfriend is still keeping it in his pants. With the help of her best friend Jonathan, her sister Shalah and her childhood friend Viara, K breaks in and enters her ex’s home to just look around a bit, you know regular stuff. Like all good exes, K and gang pulls up with some rope, a taser, and some sage just to make sure everything is still copacetic.

Looks like they’re about to get caught though. They weren’t exactly whispering. Don’t miss an all new K. Michelle: My Life next Monday at 9:30/8:30c!

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