The #SwitchItUpChallenge is Causing Real Drama on Social Media

What started off as fun and games, quickly turned into controversy.

-By Soraya Joseph

Change clothes and go!

We’ve barely recovered from the Internet phenom that was the #MannequinChallenge and now, we’re on to the next. Recently social media was taken ablaze with its latest challenge, the #SwitchItUpChallenge. The couples-themed game is somewhat of a gender-bender, and requires partners to swap outfits, and take a side-by-side pic of the before and after:

However, what started off as fun and games, quickly turned into a conversation of sexual orientation, gender-bending and a question on masculinity, as fans (and non-fans) alike took to their Twitters & IG to express their disregard:

Yikes! Who would’ve thought going from jeans to a dress would cause this much mess?

In the meantime, check out Miles and Milan, Love & Hip Hop’s first gay couple, speak on the reality of being gay in the hip hop industry.

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