The Internet Swears Tahiry Is Throwin’ Subs At Her Ex, Joe Budden, In Her Latest Instagram Post

Y'all gonna get that man in trouble. Cyn looks like she don't play!

No matter how many regular schmegulars these celebs date people always remember the famous ex and in the case of Tahiry Jose that would be Joe Budden. It’s only the first week of 2017 and after Tahiry posted a picture subbing an ex who’s apparently been trying to win her back, Twitter is going crazy thinking Joey is the culprit. Tahiry shared this photo with a hashtag-filled caption saying:

When your ex hit you talking about He want that old thing back?… talking about #newyeargoals ! #Chile #FOH #wegood #nowayjose #imdead ? #bettastaywhereuat ✌?️teamtahiry EVEN THE DOG #jersey GOOD ?

Although that would be juicy, according to Joe’s IG page, he seemed pretty happy on New Year’s with his girlfriend, Cyn Santana.

12am we gon do it again…. love u beautiful, happy new year.

Joey proclaiming his love for Cyn on New Year’s Day didn’t stop Love & Hip Hop fans from speculating who is the mysterious ex Tahiry is referring to.

While others just ain’t buying it:

Regardless of who Tahiry is talking about, Joey sure does look like a happy man.

Joey clearly seems smitten in his current relationship but this throwback clip can help one understand why people think Tahiry is subbing Joe:

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