Serena Williams Debuts Her Massive Engagement Ring

Now that's some serious bling.

Serena Williams has always been super private about her love life, but the newly-engaged tennis great is opening up now that her relationship status has gone from playing single to doubles in a major way. Yesterday (January 5) Serena gave us a glimpse of her super icy engagement ring and it’s a grand slam.

The 35-year-old star took to her Reddit page (She’s about to marry the freakin’ guy that owns it! #Stunt101) to post a picture with fiance Alexis Ohanian captioned “Engagement shoe game.” While she wanted us to pay attention to her Nike sneakers, we all couldn’t take our eyes off Serena’s ring finger. Her hand is propped up on Alexis’s chest, giving us a clear shot at her engagement bling. Though the photo was taken from a distance, it’s clear that the rock is so massive, it covers the entire width of Serena’s finger

Engagement shoe game from Sneakers

The tech mogul popped the question to the Grand Slam champion about a week ago after arranging a surprise vacation to Rome. The couple first met at a luncheon and have been dating for a little over two years.

We’re looking forward to more photos of the cute couple (and close ups of that massive stone) in the coming months.

So how do interracial couples approach the awkward topic of hair? Check it out.

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