16 Suspects Reportedly Arrested in Kim Kardashian Robbery Case

DNA evidence was used to nab the alleged criminals.

-By Soraya Joseph


Justice for Kim Kardashian-West may be right around the corner. According to new reports, charges have been filed against four suspects in connection with the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian. The heist, which took place back in October and left Kim short of nearly $10,000,000 worth of jewelry, is now being pegged as a possible “inside job.”

63-year-old suspect Yinuce A, 44-year-old Florus H, 64-year-old Marceau B and a 27-year-old Gary M have been hit with preliminary charges including armed robbery, organized gang, kidnapping and criminal association. What’s worse is that suspect “Gary M,” is presumed to be the brother of Kardashian’s Paris chauffeur, Michael Madar, was also taken into custody and hit with preliminary charges for criminal association. Although Mader and his brother have since been released, as many as six other unnamed Parisian suspects in Kim’s robbery remain in custody.


It appears there may be a break in the Kim Kardashian robbery case. According to various international news reports, earlier today, up to 16 people were arrested in France in connection to her Paris robbery. Last October, the 36-year-old reality star was tied up, gagged, and held at gunpoint while armed robbers took off with nearly $10 million worth of her jewelry.

Now, thanks to DNA reportedly being left behind at the scene of the crime, more than a handful of suspected thieves have been apprehended in Grasse, France with ties to the highly publicized robbery. Out of the 16 career criminals, the oldest is said to be 72-years-old. The suspects, most of whom who have a history in similar crimes, were said to have been apprehended with an undisclosed amount of money in tow.

The Paris prosecutor has yet to release an official statement on the arrests.

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