T.I. Calls Out Yeezy and Other Pro-Trump Celebs: “Kanye West, What the F*** You Doing?”

Never wake a woke giant.

-By Soraya Joseph

Looks like TIP joins the ranks of celebs not here for their peers being pro-Trump.

The Troubleman may be having issues in his own house, but that hasn’t stopped him from addressing the issues at the White House too. Recently rapper T.I. hopped on Instagram to give a three-part rant against celebrities meeting with president-elect Donald Trump.

“There is a strategic plan that people are trying to make you a part of, okay? So do not accept any invitation to have any meeting, even if it seems positive.”

According to T.I., the government’s heightened interest to meet with Black celebrities is all part of a hidden, modern day “William Lynch agenda,” to divide and conquer. Although Tip claims he is not against having a meeting of like (or unlike) minds, he urged celebrities to proceed with strategic caution when meeting with The Donald.
But perhaps the most passionate part of T.I.’s PSA was his message to fellow rapper Kanye West. In regards to ’Ye and Trump’s most recent rendezvous, T.I. flat out asked Yeezy, “Kanye West, what the fuck you doing?!”

Hinting that Yeezy is merely a puppet in the grander government scheme of things, TI goes on to say:

“[The government] sees how adamantly against him being president the hip hop community and young Black people was, so they get Kanye West to come in. He’s their representative. [Fans] buy his music, they buy his shoes. They attend his concerts. Surely if we take a picture with him and he smiles and says he’s cool with it, they’ll fall right in line.”

Even though TIP went on to also call out Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis and Martin Luther III for meeting with Trump, it’s clear that TIP’s disappoint in Kanye is a little more personal. We’re guessing that somewhere between Lil Wayne’s lack of support for Black Lives Matter and now ’Ye, it hits a little closer to home since it’s hip hop.

T.I. isn’t the only one who has a bad taste in his mouth for Trump. Check out these critics partake in a “Trump” wine tasting.

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