Donna Explains Why She Went All “Waiting to Exhale,” Says O’Sh*t’s New Girlfriend is Just Like Her, and Announces Plans To Drop Some Music

Donna has a new man, a bigger portfolio, and a new outlook on Black Ink.

Everyone was wondering what’s really good with Donna when she pulled up to Ashley’s crib with a wedding dress, gasoline, and some matches. She explains what inspired this pyro moment in this exclusive interview with VH1. On the season premiere of Black Ink Crew, even Sky was shocked to see Donna go all Angela Bassett as a way to get over her husband Maxwell. Since ol’ boy is locked up, she figured she’d send him a message via his BM, Ashley, who apparently has been using Donna’s coins to talk to her their man. Donna insists now that she is over Max, she’s a much better tattoo artist and has even gained respect from cast members who really didn’t rock with her last season. She dishes on her thoughts on the newbies, where she currently stands with Dutchess and Cease, and reveals that she’s working on a special project that fans will get familiar with really soon.

VH1: How’s everything going?

Donna: Everything’s been cool. I’m progressing in my arts. [It’s] a little stressful, but I’m overall doing well. I’m progressing as an artist.

On the season premiere, you made a bold statement when you burned our wedding dress outside of Ashley’s building. When did your relationship with Maxwell reach this point.

I think it had been that bad, but I was – just being without him and seeing the world, learning my world as a woman. I’m 23 years old. I think that being on my own and seeing everything and realizing [things], putting everything in perspective without him being right next to me all the time really just let me know. And you know he was playing games with me. He’s in jail, so at the end of the day, survival of the fittest. But you can be honest with me, you see what I’m saying? So he was just playing a lot of games that I didn’t deserve.

Are you an Maxwell still married?
We’re now annulled.

Did you have hopes that when you married him, things would have changed with his baby mother?

Yeah. My hopes and – I don’t know if you remember last season I went to go meet her for the first time actually at a coffee shop. I had spoke to him prior to that and I had hopes for like taking that girl home or something. I don’t have no problems. But when you sneaky and stuff and you got your own agenda… I was upfront with what I wanted to come out of that.

How did you feel when Maxwell spoke to you so disrespectfully on the phone?

It was just like, damn. I was just saying how disrespectful you are and then… I was just like damn I’m a real-ass n—a. ’Cause I’m just – it’s not even that I’m talking s—t about him. I’m really just saying what he does, and then boom, he calls and proves himself to be the man that I describe him to be. So it wasn’t new to me. That’s why it is what it is now, ’cause it wasn’t new to me. But I guess to everyone else it was new. Sky was looking crazy because she knew him to be some nice person, he showed me love, but that’s not the case.

Was that the last time you spoke to him?

That was the last time I spoke to Maxwell.

Did he try to reach out to you?

Nope. And I didn’t try to reach out to him. By now I changed my number, but I gave him about a couple months, and now my number’s changed.

Were you able to finally move back into your apartment?

No, I got a new apartment. A new situation, because that was crazy. I was doing everything and Maxwell was popping up in my head. So yeah, I had to get out of that situation. And it’s crazy because I really thought that we would be together for awhile.

Are you dating anybody now?
[Laughs] Um, yes.

Will we meet him this season?

I don’t know. He doesn’t wanna be on film. Not gonna persuade him.

Is he part of the tattoo industry at all?

No, he’s like a good Samaritan, a good dad. He’s just a good man. So yeah I don’t even know if I wanna really involve him in my crazy world that’s Black Ink.

And when does Max get out?

The last time I spoke to him, he was telling me he was gonna be home soon, but he was looking at like 15 years, so I don’t understand. I need a 100 percent stand up guy in my life. And if you come home soon after a 15 year situation, I don’t trust you.

What are your thoughts on Ted running Black Ink now?

Teddy is so funny. Like, I’m over that whole situation. Me? I just sit and I just try to embrace my position and stay in my lane. As long as Teddy don’t cancel anymore of my appointments. I think we all saw that last season. I was stuck in traffic coming from Brooklyn. So that was before I think he was even officially manager. So who knows what he’s up to. I just need him to do his job at the end of the day. If he do his job, I’m good. I’m glad Dutchess not around right now.

What’s your relationship with Dutchess?

Yeah, I’m not there for that. I haven’t seen Dutchess since the ski trip.

So you two never repaired your relationship?

Mm mm. I’ve done so many f–king repairs on this relationship between me and this girl that at this point, I’ve matured and I’ve grown and I don’t need Dutchess for anything, and I’m sure she feels the same way about me. So I don’t really see us mending anything.

I’m sure you’ve seen that Ceaser and Dutchess have reportedly called it quits. Has that helped your relationship with Ceaser?

[Laughs] Once again, I just sit there and I just be quiet. I don’t wanna say I told you so, I don’t wanna say nothing. So I’ll just sit there and I’ll be quiet. But I am pleased to not see her face.

So you and Ceaser are cool since you’re working at Black Ink, right?

Yeah, we’re good.

How do you feel about O’Sh*t’s transformation to Richard?

I like it. I just contribute that transformation to Nikki. I like Nikki and I appreciate the path that O’Sh*t seems to be taking. I hope Nikki didn’t come around to gain something and then run off. I just hope everything’s legit. I just hope everybody sticks with it. And she seems cool, so I’m with it.

How do you like Nikki, is she similar to you all?

She seems to be like nobody. If anything, she’s like me. She actually told me stories where people think that she’s me when they meet her. Which is silly. We don’t even look alike. We just tall and attractive, I guess. Yeah, I think she’s dope. She doesn’t seem to be like nobody he’s messed with to me, but I don’t know her that well. I’ve hung out with her a few times off camera and away from the shop and she seems to be real cool. Like I said, I don’t have no bad thoughts about it. I just hope everything is legit.

What do you think about the newbies like Kitty?

She’s cool. Kitty is funny to me. She’s like funny. She’s like an old lady but she’s cool. We had some times to chill. I have nothing bad to say.

A lot of your Twitter fans are already saying she’s bad and bougie. How do you feel about her attitude?

Right, exactly. She’s a bougie one. Um, you know everybody has different reports with everybody. Like with her, I’ve seen her get crazy with some people and some of my friends and she don’t act that way to me. So from what I’ve seen, we’re good.

And Young Bae and Tiffany?

Young Bae is funny. She’s like the yes man. She’s adorable. I love her. You can get Young Bae to like do anything. She’s adorable. But I want her and Teddy to have a baby forreal.

Ted? Do they have something going on?

Um, I don’t know. They always flirting. I don’t know if they have nothing going on, but they said they gonna make a baby together.

Is that okay with Sky?

Sky is cool with that. She loves that. I’m happy with what’s going on. I never met – well I met Tiffany, but when she was causing drama in the shop I wasn’t there.

Finally it’s not you, right?

That’s what I was about to say. As far as I’m going, my season is pretty like – of course there’s still like the little side s–t that’s being said and remarks that’s being taken towards me, but for the most part I’m good. My story is on an upward hill, and I’m just focusing on myself and goals. And it’s like I’m gonna be honest and say there’s a lot more positivity around the shop. And it’s funny because that coincides with somebody’s absence too.

Well that’s about it. We’re happy that you’re focusing more on your artistry this time around.

Oh, music is coming for me. I actually play the piano. I play the violin. But as far as like what I’m pushing forward, it’s rap.

Will you be tattooing a lot more this season?

Yeah, definitely. I try to always be like drawing or doing some busy work, but as far as tattoos, I think my respect level has gone up at least a little bit. At least my persistence is undeniable.

Are you working at Black Ink for real now?

Yes. Yes as Donna.

Watch the moment Donna let Maxwell’s BM know, she can have him.

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