FOX News Canceled Stacey Dash and Twitter Threw a Goodbye Party

Twitter users were thrilled to see her go.

By Jasmine Washington

Black Twitter is hosting a hilarious farewell party, and their guest of honor is actress-turned-political news correspondent Stacey Dash. Dash and her unfavorable comments on race, Prince and transgender rights propelled her to the top of Black Twitter’s hit list, so it was only right that they celebrate news of her recent termination from FOX News.

A FOX News spokesperson confirmed that Dash, along with George Will and Ed Rollins, would not have their contracts renewed in 2017, and Twitter immediately erupted with an assortment of memes and GIFs celebrating her impending departure.

The irony of Stacey Dash, who’s been a vocal Donald Trump supporter, being let go days after his inauguration left many Twitter users in awe.

Check out some of the hilarious comments surrounding Stacey Dash’s termination from FOX News below.

Although Donald Trump has taken the oath of office of POTUS, watch as Love & Hip Hop stars bid farewell to Obama in the video below.

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