Sky Humbly Checks Herself And Apologizes to Black Ink Crew Newbie Tiffany Perez For Bullying Her

It takes a real woman to admit when she's wrong.

Plenty of time has passed since the latest episode was shot, but seeing herself on TV has Sky feeling remorseful. It’s safe to say that since newbie Tiffany Perez joined Black Ink Crew, she’s been rubbing Sky the wrong way. Tiff did come off a little tough, taking shots at Dutchess, but as time went on, she began to open herself up to the Black Ink family, despite a couple of run-ins.

Although Sky hasn’t had a fight with Tiffany (yet), she realized that her bullying has escalated a situation that could’ve been deaded from day one. In a very humble Instagram post, Sky “womans up” and offers Tiffany a long overdue apology for her behavior. She shares a screenshot of an email and captioned:

My Apologies For Tonight TIFFANY PEREZ… I Film A Show But Real Life I Hate Bullying And I Believe For Every Action There’s A Reaction…. My Actions Were Inexcusable And Wack… I’m A Work In Progress. Again I’m Sorry To Tiffany & Your Sister An All The Young Ladies That Look Up To Me….

In the Black Ink Crew sneak peek, tensions come to blows when the two women agree to fight out their issues.

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