#GiuseppeWhatsGood: Nicki Minaj Blasts the Shoe Designer For Not Putting Respeck on Her Name

Barbie has time today.

Mess with Nicki Minaj and her loyal Barbz, you get a hashtag made about you. On Friday (Feb. 3), Queen Barb shared a series of tweets and ’grams directed at shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti after receiving the silent treatment from the brand.

Back in 2011, Giuseppe created sneakers inspired by the New York rapper, which she wore in a Glamour editorial. Earlier today, she expressed her frustrations from dealing with the shoe brand as she tries ink a capsule collection deal.

Minaj called on her Barbz squad to get #GiuseppeWhatsGood trending to show that the “racism and disrespect” wouldn’t be tolerated.

Later she joked that her and Zanotti will be the next big celebrity boxing match after Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s fight.

No word from Giuseppe Zanotti over the newly formed Internet feud.