Where Are They Now? The Men of I Love New York

Who was a porn actor?!

The days of Celebreality were a simpler time. Whether it was Chance and Tango butting heads over Tiffany “New York” Pollard or the deafening screams of Frank the Entertainer, the men of I Love New York knew how to bring the drama just as much as their female counterparts. Want to know who went on to do porn and who is engaged to an Oscar winner? Check it out now.

  • 1 David “Punk” Otunga then

  • 2 Punk now
    After I Love New York, the Harvard Law graduate pursued a career in acting appearing in The Call with Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin. Later he became a professional wrestler with the WWE under the moniker Dawson Alexander then later his real name. Otunga has been in a relationship with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson since 2008, they have one son. He is now a commentator on the WWE’s Smackdown.

  • 3 Ahmad “Real” Givens then
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  • 4 Real
    Sadly Givens lost his battle with colon cancer in 2015 at the age of 33.

  • 5 Kamal “Chance” Givens then

  • 6 Chance now
    After I Love New York, the rapper went on to appear on other VH1 reality shows notably his own spin-off with his brother, Real Chance of Love. In 2016, he reunited with Tiffany “New York” Pollard on TV One’s The Next :15 where they got intimate, all over again, on camera.

  • 7 Dave “12 Pack” Amerman then
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  • 8 12 Pack now
    Amerman totally switched franchises when he signed up for VH1’s Daisy of Love. Nowadays, his Facebook suggests he’s living a more low-key life, married with two children and working as an auction manager for Steiner Sports.

  • 9 Jamal “Milliown” Trulove
    After the filming of I Love New York season two, Truelove was sentenced to 50 years in prison for murder but in 2015 he was acquitted and was awarded $10 million dollars in damages from the city of San Francisco in 2018.

  • 10 Jason “Heat” Rosell then
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  • 11 Heat now
    Since his time on reality TV, Heat has taken his given name and run. As an actor he has appeared on Gilmore Girls and All My Children. As a trainer, he has appeared on countless talk shows and Being Fat Sucks. He owns and operates his own fitness business Caliente Fitness.

  • 12 Patrick “Tango” Hunter then

  • 13 Tango now
    Tango is active on social media and owns his own media company Tanline Media Group.

  • 14 George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber then
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  • 15 Tailor Made now
    Weisgerber told VH1 in 2017, that he is living in New York City working for Local Angel NYC and that his daughter is now an adult graduating college.

  • 16 Joshua “Whiteboy” Gallander then

  • 17 Whiteboy now
    After I Love New York, Whiteboy appeared on a string of VH1 reality shows. In 2013, he had his own show on TruTV Cash Dome about his family’s pawn shop in Miami. He currently has dreadlocks.

  • 18 Ezra “Buddha” Masters then

  • 19 Buddha now
    Buddha has been working as an actor since his time on I Love New York with small roles on True Blood, Chuck, 90210, Sons of Anarchy, Body of Proof, and most notably Cinemax’s Zane’s Sex Chronicles as Hunter. He has a peculiar website that is just waves crashing.

  • 20 Sandro “Rico” Padrone then

  • 21 Rico now
    Rico went on to have a career as a pornographic actor under the name Marco Rivera (NSFW). According to his IMDB page, he retired from the adult film industry and went to barber school but is now a baseball player living in Toluca Lake, California.

  • 22 Frank “The Entertainer” Maresca then

  • 23 Frank the Entertainer now
    Frank the Entertainer has kept a relatively low profile since his time on VH1’s reality shows. After his own spin-off Frank The Entertainer In A Basement Affair, he stepped out of the limelight. He’s now married and living a quiet life. Sadly his father who played a large role on his show has passed.

You can keep up with Tiffany “New York” Pollard in her new series Brunch with Tiffany below.