Asia Reacts to Part One of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion, Refutes Claims Cardi Made About Her Cheating on Swift

"I wish Swift the best and I do hope that everyone can learn from this!"

Swift’s ex-girlfriend Asia went through it part one of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, and she finally speaks on the drama that came from this situation. She took to Instagram to clear up false allegations that she cheated on Swift. In a lengthy note, Asia says throughout the two and a half years they were together, she never stepped out on that man. Now that the reunion is over with, Asia just wishes the best for Swift, has no words for Cardi, and just wants to move on. She posted,

The only thing that I will personally address is, apparently I cheated” on swift.. I never cheated on that man! I was with him for two and a half years and not one time I kissed or even went on a date with another man. No man can ever say that they did anything with me whilst I was in a relationship. God is my witness. Every relationship has its ups and downs, A lot went on that you guys didn’t get to see. Some of it was very very very deep. But I will only speak on it and tell my side if I have to. And you know what they say, there is always three sides to a story. Yours, theirs and the truth. Therefore I will let God decide. But like always say, the truth always comes out. And God surely do works in mysterious ways! I don’t have anything against anyone.. I am just trying to live my life and be happy!! I wish swift the best and I do hope that everyone can learn from this!

For what it’s worth, Asia surely composed herself well considering all that went down on that stage. Not to mention, she looked gorg!

Hopefully everyone does learn from this. Don’t miss part two of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, next Monday at 8/7c!

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