Wood Harris Sheds Light on a Major Unscripted Cam’ron Scene in Paid in Full

"He rolled with the punches."

Wood Harris was dropping gems about some of the classic films he’s starred in during his recent The Breakfast Club interview. He’s already shared a major Tupac Easter egg in Above the Rim, and now’s he’s giving insight on a major unscripted Cam’ron scene in Paid in Full.

During a scene where Cam is confronted by a guy looking to make a purchase, the Dipset affiliate took method acting to a whole new level.

“The script says he’s supposed to walk up to him and punch him. Cam’ron really punches him for real. Cam’ron snatches him out the car, not in the script. Dude had a real busted lip.” The Breaks star reveals. Unscripted moments can bring the best moments to film and for director Charles Stone, Cam’s scene was it. “He [Charles Stone] was like, ’we got the best shot today. I have to tell you what happened. Cam really punched the guy! We capped it. We got it!’ He was so excited,” Wood continues. “No pun intended, but he rolled with the punches.”

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