Karrueche Gets Ultimate Revenge on Chris Brown by Hanging Out With Internet Sexpot Ruby Rose

Chances of them getting back together are now shot to hell.

Karrueche has kept it classy since the bomb dropped that Chris Brown had a baby by another woman. She’s spoken civilly on her ex, and when he and Tyson Beckford engaged in a man-child social media fight, she was out there like IDGAF. Girl continues to play her cards right by posting a pic with the Internet’s bae Ruby Rose last night, meaning she’s on top of the world WITHOUT YOU, CB. We all know anyone who is a living, breathing person wants a piece of Ruby. And Karrueche got just that.

Here they are posted up, giving us an effortless explosion of sexy. Notice the word *LOVE* illuminated between them.
And Ruby loved it just as much, posting a pic too. Chris Brown should be feeling concerning proportions of jealousy rn.
CB, we’re sorry to say the little hope there was left for you instantly vanished now that your ex has been put under Ruby’s spell in the flesh. Sry.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.