People Tried to Body Shame Lauren London and Then The Wrath of Twitter Kicked In

This is beyond petty.


Lauren London has since addressed her haters in a powerful statement shared via Instagram. In response to Twitter trolls poking fun at her post-baby weight, she writes, “I’ve been getting compliments on my LOOKS for years. I NEVER let it gas me, because I knew the enduring value in all things is internal.” She goes on to say that she’s always been ready for the public scrutiny after having her baby, but lucky for her, she’s confident at any size. “This lil’ weight will get worked off and who I am will be uncompromised. Win-Win, no?”

Let the church say Amen!


Lauren London just became a trending topic for all the wrong reasons.

The 32-year-old actress and her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle, who welcomed a baby boy back in September, were spotted court-side at an LA Lakers game. This is rare considering the couple is known for keeping it low key. Recent photos of the couple made its rounds online, and a few Petty Patties couldn’t resist the urge to point out the fact that London has not yet shed all of her post-baby weight. Sad? Absolutely. Surprising? Unfortunately not. *eye roll around the universe*

No shade to the Draya Michele’s of the world, but losing weight after having a baby is not easy. Also, there can be underlying medical conditions that make it even more difficult. Bottom line is: Lauren and her baby are happy and healthy.

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of tweets are coming from folks defending Lauren by putting the body shamers on blast and solidifying that she’s still bad.

With the post-baby snapback craze catching on and setting expectations for new mothers to get back in shape quicker than usual, its quite refreshing to see a woman happy in her own skin and recovering at her own natural pace.

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