Umm, New Couple Alert (?): Is Jhonni Blaze Dating Empire’s Bryshere Gray?

They look super cute together.

It’s looking like Jhonni Blaze will be making a return to Love & Hip Hop with Yazz the Greatest. OK, not really, but that would be kind of dope right? Well, although they aren’t new cast members (whomp), the two have been spotted around town together quite a few times, most recently this weekend, and they looked awfully cozy. Empire star, Bryshere Gray was spending some QT with Jhonnie (who now goes by Jzapal) as the two were being big little kids in an amusement park in these picture captured by The Shade Room.

TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee : @Kyle.Anfernee #Roommates, earlier today pictures of #Empire star #BryshereGray and #Love&HipHop star #JhonniBlaze hit the net looking real cozy at an amusement park. While everyone seemed to blindsided by the pictures, Bryshere’s ex wasn’t. _______________________________ She took to IG Live to get some things off of her chest.  She said Jhonni  allegedly would send Bryshere pictures while they were together. She claims that he would ignore her, at least when she went through his phone, but admits he probably was calling instead of texting her. _______________________________ What’s interesting though is that Bryshere's ex and him were together for three years, on and off. She revealed that she had a miscarriage at five months and wears a tattoo on her arm to symbolize the hurt she had. She said they broke up right before the “New Edition” movie premiere. _________________________________ Aside from his ex, someone very close to Bryshere claims all of this is true, and said this isn't news to them either. She said Jhonni and Yazz spent New Years Eve together after the puffy party util he left to go–Read More At

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Blogger Freddy O has also managed to get some footage of the two “out and about”.

Seeing as the two don’t work together, this may be a valid pairing. In this throwback Love & Hip Hop clip from season five, Jhonni had a hard time making her relationship work because of her inability to separate business from pleasure.

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