Russell Wilson and Ciara’s Bestie: Fake Controversy or Nah?

Looking at Ciara and Russell Wilson ’s relationship will make anyone with a functioning heart want to be in love. Every time you turn around they’re gushing over each other, having fun, and raising baby Future into a grade-A gentleman, all while rising above every level of petty the internet or Future has to throw at them.

Well this past weekend was no different. Maybe. In his Instagram story, Russell called upon Cici’s best friend and make up artist, Yolonda, to give his followers advice on being a strong woman on International Women’s Day. Normally this would have been a cute moment between friends and we would’ve all carried on with our personal business. However, Russell didn’t just ask for encouraging words, he started the video by saying, “come sit on my lap Yolie” as he introduced Yolonda to his followers.
She complied. Ciara wasn’t there. So obviously, the internet pounced. Everyone turned into Iyanla Vanzant, trying to fix Ciara’s life. A few highlighted that Yolonda has posted some rather sus instagrams of Russell. At the end of the day, this isn’t really anyone’s business unless your last name is Ciara, Russell or Yolonda, but it does raise a question about how comfy is too comfy when it comes to your best friend and your partner. She and Russell have a notoriously strong commitment to each other, and if they could remain celibate until they were married, Ciara probably isn’t worried about whatever playfulness happened between her friend and her man.

If you were in Ciara’s shoes, how would you feel? Would you be upset with Russell? After all, he was the one who initiated this whole thing when he asked Yolonda to sit on his lap. As the BFF, should Yolonda have opted to stand? Was it equally inappropriate for both Yolonda and Russell? Or would you be like, ’I’m strong in my marriage (and my friendships) and this whole thing was innocent’?

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