Join Us in Celebrating Black Women in Comedy Week


Black women know all too well how to turn lemons into lemonade. Timed with Women’s History Month, is devoting an entire week to spotlight Black women in comedy. We’ll take an in depth look at the women who are pioneers in the genre, the ones who have turned pain, prejudice, stereotypes and grief into laughs.

Throughout the history of showbiz, Black women have managed to remain a staple in the comedy game even when the industry has consistently failed to make proper room for them. From the keep-it-real wisecracks of Moms Mabley and LaWanda Page to the awkward satire of Issa Rae, Black women excel at using humor to battle the unique struggles only they face and comfort each other with relatable jokes. Most women have been subject to comments from male counterparts along the lines of, “women can’t be funny” or “I’ve never met a girl that can make me laugh” only to find themselves cracking up at the sheer brilliance of Debra Wilson on MadtV or Whoopi Goldberg doing stand-up. It’s Black women’s resilience and confidence to break barriers in this genre, in the face of both racism and sexism, that makes them worth celebrating.

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