T.I.’s Open Letter to His Stepdaughter Zonnique on Her 21st Birthday is Why All Dads Matter

You'll always be my baby girl!"

Get ready to break out the tissue. Recently T.I. served up all the daddy-daughter feels when he took to Instagram to wish Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique Pullins, a happy birthday. The head of The Family Hustle household couldn’t help but wear his heart on his social media sleeve, as he penned a few precious words to his “baby girl.”

@troubleman31 “Well,well,well…. So the day has finally come. It’s finally time for me to accept the fact that this adorable little baby angel has matured & is finally grown & ready to face the world as an adult. As much as it pains me,my little munchkin who couldn’t even scoop her own ice cream,can now drive,vote,as of today…Drink,& pretty much do whatever else she wants to do. Although it’s a bitter sweet celebration for me as ”Pops”, I’m still extremely proud & impressed with the amazing young woman you’ve become. You’re a beautiful,talented,intelligent,passionate young lady with principles & an awesome sense of humor. Even though you want to be seen as an adult now,you’ll ALWAYS be my baby girl!!! I love you!!!! Happy 21st Gday NIQ NIQ!!!! @zonniquejailee #Ni66aWeMadeIt #ProudPops”

Aww! It feels like just yesterday we were watching TIP lead a full-on stakeout while spying on Niq Niq during a friendly date with a male companion. Although not his biological daughter, it’s no secret that the 36-year-old rapper and actor has been a part of Zonnique’s life since she was a little girl, and considers her as one of his own. Whether it was some pre-prom parental advice on boys or putting a creep in check in Zonnique’s IG comments, the king of the South has been a prominent male figure in Niq’s life for a long time. He is the perfect example of how being a dad is not limited to labels, but rather, is limitless in love.

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