Allison Williams Says Rose From Get Out Has a Connection to Her Character in Girls

Jordan Peele saw this one coming.

Riding high on the success of the smash thriller Get Out, actress Allison Williams is just like the rest of us in that she can’t resist talking about the film.

Allison, who plays the seemingly loving yet deceitful Rose, applauds director Jordan Peele for his brilliant casting. If you couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Rose and her neurotic, type A character Marnie from the HBO show Girls, you’re not alone…in fact, it’s probably what Peele wanted you to do.

“The casting in the movie was one of Jordan’s first gestures of brilliance, because he basically did meta casting. He was deploying people’s preconceived notions about all of us as individuals, as our characters,” she explained during an episode of Vanity Fair’s In The Limelight podcast. “Catherine Keener [mama Armitage] has played every sympathetic person in every movie so he was using that against the audience to make them second guess everything. By casting me, you are almost casting Marnie, which is perfect in this context.”

As with Girls, Allison says she’s a diehard fan of Get Out and has seen it “a million times” since it’s debut (thanks to her new blonde do’, she hasn’t been recognized in the theaters yet.) “It reminded me of Girls in that I was making something I wanted to be watching. . . The script is so strong, Jordan is just so brilliant and such an authority on the project himself.”

Allison isn’t alone in her fan-demonium. Everyone from her husband to her friends and in laws have made repeated trips to the theater to catch all the symbolism. “If my friends were watching Girls just to be my friend, they would have given up at like season 3 or something. But they genuinely like the show. And that’s the case with Get Out. A lot of people in my life have gone back to see it again when they didn’t have to just because they wanted to understand more of it.”

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