Drake and Rihanna Were Awkward Exes at a Kids Birthday Party

Drake's reaction is priceless.

Unexpectedly running into your ex is usually an awkward mess. For Drake and Rihanna, it was exactly that.

The two attended a birthday bash for the son of a mutual friend in Los Angeles on Sunday, but based on now deleted Instagram footage, it doesn’t look like they interacted much. We can thank party guest Gavin Morris for sharing the photos and videos of the party. In the clips, RiRi looked unbothered by seeing her on-again, off-again bae, but Drake on the other hand, looked slightly panicked.

Keep it together, Drake.

The pair called it quits in October 2016, a couples months after he publicly announced his love for her during a VMAs speech. Who knows if they will ever rekindle the fame. From the videos above it seems that they are ways away from that, but don’t be surprised if Drake addresses their relationship, including the awkward bday moment, in future songs.

We want to ship Drake and Rihanna for life, but the two just can’t seem to stick together long. Here’s a complete history of their on-again, off-again romance.

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