“You Need To Watch Your F—king Mouth!” Melody Has Words For Dutchess After Watching Their Conversation Air on TV

"If i knew you said that in interviews, I would've let you know something right then and there."

Melody was definitely there in person to hear some of Dutchess’ comments about Sky’s kids, but she sure as hell isn’t here for it anymore.

The Black Ink Crew star took to Instagram during last night’s episode to reveal her true thoughts of the harsh things Dutchess said about Sky’s motherhood. In her self-recorded video she says,

I’m watching Black Ink right now and I have to say, Mrs. Dutchess you need to watch your f—ing mouth and I don’t know what that comment was about Sky’s kids but it is unf—ing called for and it is not cute and I look stupid as f–k sitting at that table with you. No b—h if I knew you said that in interviews I would’ve let you know something right then and there but let me just say I am not surprised by the comment.

Yes, Melody was there but as she mentioned, she had no idea Dutchess said certain things in her green screen interview. If you recall Dutchess said things like, “How does it feel like not being the only whore, because he’s hoeing around with Sky’s best friend too. Sky, now you a pimp. My n—a, you a receptionist. Know your job description.”

That probably isn’t the part that was grinding Melody’s gears. It had to be when Dutchess continued going in saying, “Sky, sweetheart, you ain’t never have love for me or yourself just like you ain’t have love for the kids you birthed.”

Although Melody was there, she really didn’t hear how strongly Dutchess felt towards Sky, but is it too little too late? Well, vote!

In case you didn’t hear what Dutchess said, you can hear her comments in the Black Ink Crew highlight below.

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