K. Michelle Running Around Atlantic Records Naked Perfectly Embodies a Friday Mood (No Pun Intended)

Fridays are made for you to feel good!

K. Michelle is crazy as hell and that is exactly why we love her. For her latest antic, the newly engaged K. Michelle: My Life star posted a video to her Instagram running around Atlantic Records naked. Why was she naked? Not that she needs to explain herself but apparently it’s simply because she is excited about her upcoming single off of her fourth album set to be released this year.

She posted the video,
and captioned,

“When your so happy in your life and about your single new that you take off running through your record label @atlanticrecords”

This isn’t the first time K sprinted through an office commando just because she felt like it. In 2015 she had everybody talking as her yeeks were bouncing up and down the hallways of a different office.
via FreddyO

Hearing snippets off the album and watching K get in her feels over the song has us hype for the release.
Hey, if you had a single coming out, you’d probably be that excited too. Let’s just be happy it’s Friday, though!

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