Reality TV Friendships That Went Down in Flames

All this messiness.

We’ve heard time and time again that fame comes with a price. So does reality TV put the same type of strain on friendships? Last night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, we basically witnessed Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams aka “Frick & Frack” transform into “Frick & Fractured” right before our eyes. When Phaedra fails to confess to a vicious rumor that she started about Kandi and Todd allegedly plotting to drug Porsha, sh*t goes completely left. With Porsha pissed that her one true friend fed her to the wolves, Phaedra is left out in the cold and it becomes abundantly clear that Frick & Frack’s alliance will never be the same again.

Though this definitely tops the list as one of the craziest BFF breakups we’ve ever seen, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen reality TV eat die hard friendships for breakfast. Take a look at some of the most iconic friends-turned-enemies (and sometimes friends again) we’ve seen on reality TV.

  • Phaedra Parks vs. Porsha Williams

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    If these two had remembered the saying “loose lips sink ships” Frick & Frack would still be in tact. Unfortunately for Porsha (aka Frick, if you were wondering), she was left assed out by attorney Parks, who refused to admit that she started the vicious lie that Kandi and Todd once planned to date rape Porsha. Despite Porsha’s longtime girlfriend Shamea trying to warn her of Phaedra’s shady character, some folks insist on learning the hard way.

  • Evelyn Lozada vs. Jennifer Williams

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    Who knew a shady radio interview would be the end to Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams’ decade long friendship? Things between these now ex-best friends began to crumble when Evelyn confronted Jen for calling her then-fiance Chad Ochocinco an “attention whore” on the radio. The beef got so bad, Evelyn ended up putting them paws on Jennifer again and again. Fans were certainly sad to see a man come between what we thought was a solid friendship. Was Jen being a hater, or did she see Chad’s red flags from the beginning?

  • Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes

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    NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak were friends before the inception of Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, it was NeNe who recommended Kim as a potential cast member to the producers. However, life in front of reality TV cameras tested their bond to the max. Their iconic argument on Kandi’s tour bus all started when NeNe flipped on Kim for inviting her and Kandi’s assistants to the hotel in Miami. Their verbal showdown results in NeNe telling Kim that she isn’t a real pop star and Kim nearly getting her wig yanked.

  • Sheree Whitfield vs. NeNe Leakes

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    Sheree Whitfield and NeNe’s complicated relationship has played out on RHOA more times than we can count. One of their lowest moments was when Sheree accused NeNe of going behind her back to get more money out of one of their joint events. NeNe completely snapped on Sheree, saying that as a “rich b*tch” she has no reason to play those dirty games. The insults go so low, it nearly buried their friendship permanently. Luckily, the two have since kissed and made up.

  • Bethenny Frankel vs. Jill Zarin

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    Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin were the best of friends until season two of The Real Housewives of New York City when, in an attempt to defend her career ambitions, Bethenny told Jill to “get a hobby.” That comment cut Jill so deep, it created a season long rift that the ex-besties never recovered from. From there, Bethenny accused Jill of trying to sabotage her success only to see it backfired. “It must be very difficult for her that she can say she’s responsible for putting me on the show and people say I’m the most successful housewife in history and she would’ve been on the ride with me,” Bethenny told Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Well dang!

  • Donna vs. Dutchess

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    Donna and Dutchess have gotten into their fare share of Black Ink beef separately, but their ongoing feud between the two of them is a sh*t storm unto itself. It all originated from their drunken hookup in Miami while they were both engaged. The two had conflicting stories about how it all went down, which got Dutchess in a lot of trouble with Ceasar. Fast forward to this Black Ink ski trip where Donna, now an ex-Black Ink employee, pops up and Dutchess completely loses it on Donna for showing up uninvited. R.I.P to that wig.

  • Lauren Conrad vs. Heidi Montag

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    11 years after The Hills first aired on MTV, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag are still considered the most famous friends-turned-enemies in reality TV history. The former biffles fell out after Lauren accused Heidi’s boyfriend and now husband Spencer of spreading a rumor about a sex tape staring Lauren and ex-beau Jason Wahler. LC was pissed not only because it was a bold-faced lie, but because Heidi refused to hold her man accountable. However, Heidi says Lauren’s real problem is classic case of jealously. “I think one of our biggest problems was that I was so supportive of her relationship with [ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler],” Heidi told Life & Style. “And then the first chance she had to be supportive of me, she wasn’t.”

  • Cisco vs. Peter Gunz

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    Peter Gunz almost issued a beat down to his longtime homie Cisco compliments of the Creep Squad. Peter learns Cisco purposely stopped money from a booking he had scheduled and approached him man to man and then fist to fist. After their second altercation, Cisco finally breaks down and confesses that the reason for his shifty behavior lately is his mom’s terminal illness. The two bros make peace once again, and Cisco eventually coughed up the bread he owed Peter.

  • Joseline vs. Jessica Dime

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    Prior to appearing on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline (then Shenellica Bettencourt) and Jessica Dime danced for the same club back in Miami. The problem is, Dime insists they were friends while Joseline insists they were merely acquaintances. Dime didn’t appreciate Joseline’s sudden case of amnesia and the conflicting versions of their friendship status came to a head when Dime ran up on Joseline in the studio. Well…more than dollars were thrown. Thankfully, Joseline and Dime made peace this season and they’ve agreed to leave their Miami days in the past.

  • Benzino vs. Stevie J

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    Sleazo and Zino were nearly dunzo over Stevie’s newfound relationship with Joseline. Trouble between the self-proclaimed brothers really started brewing when Joseline accused Benzino of sliding in her DMs. Stevie J. confronted Benzino for allegedly propositioning Joseline, and Zino claims it was all about business. That’s when the two basically agreed that their friendship was a wrap. And then, all hell broke loose at the season 3 reunion when Stevie J and Joseline tag team against Althea and Benzino on stage. The horror!

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