Momma Dee Says Shay Johnson & Deb Antney Had Beef At Her Bridal Shower But She’s Unbothered

The bride-to-be gives all the juicy details from her bridal shower.

Momma Dee is officially engaged to Ernest so, of course, she’s already had her bridal shower. This past weekend the reality star celebrated with friends and family, including, Bambi, Shay Johnson, and Deb Antney. VH1 chatted with the Queen of the South and she gave us some choice details including some intel on that rumored beef between Shay and Deb.
Momma Dee says Shay owed Antney money from driving and damaging her car while she was still a cast member on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The bride-to-be said that when the two were in the same room over the weekend things escalated. Momma Dee had all of her girlfriends (“about 60 ladies”) bring two bottles each (“one wine and one booze, or two boozes”) and the bar was “fit for a Queen” which led the shower to get “very turnt.”

According to Dee, Deb told Shay she was going to “f–k her up” but Shay explained to Deb that she couldn’t afford to pay the entire debt at the moment. The Queen of the South says she’s “staying out of it” because both ladies are her close friends.

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