Celebrity Couples That Dated Before Their Rise to Fame

You won't believe some of the people that were boo'd up back in the day.

Trying to keep up with the dating life of a celebrity gets really complicated really quickly. One day they’re on a red carpet with someone, and the next week they’ve traded their old arm candy for a new flame. It’s like the only way to keep up is to get a cork board, pictures and red string to make a timeline, NCIS style. As confusing as it may be to keep up with the constant changes, it’s always fun to speculate if this relationship is going to last or who’s going to be next. But what about who was first?

Think about it, there’s always a shock factor when you learn that two celebs dated back in the day when you stumble on an old red carpet picture, but very rarely do we hear about celebs that dated before they were popping. We recently learned that Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay was an item with NBA superstar Kevin Durant back when they both attended the University of Texas. She went on to law school and he’s currently going ham on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals while trading trash talk with Rihanna. Take a look at the gallery below to see who famous women like Madonna and Lisa Kudrow dated before their glow ups.

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