Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Crimes Committed by the Orange Is the New Black Inmates

Match the crime, with the character doing the time.

Back in February when Netflix announced the premiere date for the fifth season of Orange is the New Black, you were planning on telling your boss that you were going to be taking a sick day on June 9. Let’s be real, you don’t really have a choice because you have to watch 13 hours of prime Netflix TV in one day before the internet gets the chance to spoil anything.

With four whole seasons already behind us, there’s no time to binge watch past episodes before the new season airs (plus no one should want to relive the season 4 ending that left everyone in tears). So we came up with a little quiz to help jog your memory based on flashbacks from seasons past about how everyone’s favorite Litchfield inmates landed in prison. Who was locked away for conspiracy charges? Who got sent to the slammer for illegal gambling? Take the quiz to see how well you know these leading ladies.

It’s no secret that Dascha Polanco’s character, Daya, is going to be a focal point of the upcoming season. Take a look at her sitting down with us to talk about Daya’s other controversial storylines.

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