ICYMI or Even if You Didn’t: You Have to See the Insane Fight Between Jackie and Evelyn in NYC Where They Threaten Each Other’s Lives

"I'ma have the gulliest of the gulliest bitches at the hotel. They better move her."

So it finally happened y’all: Jackie told Evelyn that the internet calls Ev’s daughter, Shaniece, a “Build-a-Whore”. All season long, Evelyn has told us that she’s a changed woman so when she left the table to collect herself it was the ultimate #YouGoGirl moment. But this wouldn’t be Basketball Wives without some sort of smackdown and in this highlight clip, it finally happens.

Not really sure who on the internet calls someone a “Build-a-Whore” or why Jackie decided to tell Evelyn but she did it and pure insanity ensued. While trying to keep calm and carry all the way on, Jackie comes outside to issue Evelyn an apology for calling her a bitch in last week’s episode. She fails to mention the “Build-a-Whore” bit, but does demand an apology from Evelyn for her calling Jackie a bitch five seconds ago. Evelyn isn’t here for it and with a pissed swiftness tells Jackie, “You ain’t gettin’ s—t.”

Shaunie, Bonnie-Jill and Tami look stressed af because they know Jackie isn’t going to take this disrespect lightly and Evelyn just DGAF. When they start exchanging words and Jackie decides to utter those now infamous words: “Because you’re a non-motherf—ing factor, bitch,” the showdown begins.

To say that chaos ensues is an understatement: Jackie tells Tami she’ll knock Evelyn out. Evelyn lunges for Jackie. Shaunie screams. Everyone goes flying in their sequin dresses and tops to break up the fight. Security is holding Jackie and Evelyn back. Jackie tries to reason with security to let her go. Evelyn is crying. Shaunie is crying. Saniy’yah is trying tell Jackie that Evelyn doesn’t want to talk to her. Bonnie-Jill is no where in sight. Hazel tries to calm Evelyn down. Jackie and Evelyn are screaming at each other down the block. Jackie makes a run for Evelyn. A car honks it’s horn.

That play-by-play doesn’t do justice in trying to process what we’ve been waiting all season for. You’ll just have to be sure to watch the clip for yourself.

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