Drake Bell Makes His Feelings Clear Over Josh Peck Wedding Snub

This bromance might still have a shot!

By Jasmine Washington


Not so fast. Drake Bell is clearing up his recent social media outburst after not being invited to Josh Peck’s wedding.

According to People, Bell said, “There are no hard feelings.He’s been my best friend for 18 years. In all honesty, we talk all the time, we’ve been talking.”

While there may not be any hard feelings between the former Drake and Josh stars, Bell did admit he was taken back at the news of Peck’s wedding. “I was caught off guard. I hadn’t heard of anything about it.”

Stunned by the public’s reaction to his tweets Bell concluded, “That was a shock. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I did not realize that it was going to have such a viral affect.”

News of Drake Bell’s statement comes a days after John Stamos took a subtle gab at him not being invited to Peck’s June wedding.


As if the Drake and Josh feud couldn’t get any weirder, here comes John Stamos. The Grandfathered star inserted himself in the middle of their spat courtesy of a recent Instagram post.
Sharing a pic of him and Josh Peck hugging, Stamos wrote, “I got invited to the wedding and I didn’t even want to go. #Honeymoon.”

Stamos’ shady IG shoutout was taken as a dig against Peck’s Drake and Josh co-star Drake Bell, who went on a now deleted social media rant after he discovered he wasn’t invited to Peck’s June wedding.

Unlike Bell, John Stamos was front and center at Peck’s nuptials and has been spotted spending time with the former Nickelodeon star on Instagram.
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