Deb Antney Gives Her Side of the Story After Fight With Shay Johnson

"I almost lost it in there."

You heard it here last week, momager and go-to crisis solver Deb Antney got heated with Shay Johnson at Momma Dee’s bridal shower last weekend. We had the chance to chat with Deb and get her side of the story, and it’s just as crazy as you might have imagined.

After telling Deb that we got Momma Dee’s take, she was quick to say that Scrappy’s mother didn’t know the whole story.

“[Momma Dee] doesn’t really know what happened, technically. She really didn’t know that the stuff was going on.” Probably because she was a little preoccupied with a male stripper.

“Shay Johnson, I let her hold my car when she was on the show — I have a classic Thunderbird — and she did a scene and and she hydroplaned and wrecked my car but she never came back to say anything to me. So when she came to me, I almost lost it in there.”

Once the CEO of Mizay Entertainment saw her daughter-in-law Tammy Rivera alongside Bambi, she knew it wasn’t the place for a fight, “Seeing them was like ’No, we can’t do this’ and it just got to be ugly and I almost lost…I really almost lost it.”

While the episode didn’t get physical, Deb explains that thinking back she should have let the law deal with Shay.

“[W]hen the police came, they were gonna arrest her. I had the nerve and audacity to call and to tell her ’They’re gonna lock you up sweetheart so just go ahead and we’ll deal with this,’ but I should have let them get her but I did, I really did cut up.”

Do you think Deb is right for holding a grudge against Shay or do you think it’s time to move on? Sound off in the comments.

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