Deb Antney Reveals Why BET Award Winner Nicki Minaj’s Hustle Changed the Industry

"Nicki was a spoiled brat, but she's the daughter that I've never had."

If you watched the BET Awards (or have been online today) you know that Nicki Minaj made out pretty well last night. So well, in fact, that she forgot which award she was getting while she was accepting it. While Nicki may cozily sit at the top of the hip hop world now, it wasn’t always that way. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Deb Antney, who acted as a mentor and pseudo-manager to Minaj, talks about what it was like to work with Nicki earlier in her career.

“Nicki was a spoiled brat, but she’s the daughter that I’ve never had. Like she’s the person that I’ve always loved,” Deb told VH1 exclusively this week.

In regards to her hustle, Antney said “Nicki made every female that comes to me now, she made it very difficult for them because of her workability, she’s a very, very hard worker. She’s very well-disciplined. Males did not play a role with her when it came with her doing what she wanted to do with her career.” Deb then explained that Nicki changed her perspective and what she looks for in artists she works with. “[I]t made me look at women totally different and I look for a lot from them. When I get to the females that get to the point that they’re so in love and they can’t work and they can’t do all these things, then it makes it difficult for me. I can’t deal with emotions at that time, I can’t deal with that. You have to have good work ethic.”

Take note, Barbies, it takes a lot of work to be Nicki.

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