QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Hit Songs Written By The-Dream?

He wrote a song for WHO?!

By Claire Downs

So far on VH1’s new music competition series, SIGNED, The-Dream is sort of adopting the role as the blunt critic who is a stickler for details. Ask M. Rose and CozyWithTheCurls. Basically, he’s a tough one to impress and with good reason. The man knows talent when he sees it.

For over 15 years, The-Dream, AKA Terius Nash, has been the go-to songwriter for R&B, pop, and hip hop’s biggest tracks. Cashing paychecks from Grammy winners like Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, JAY-Z and Kanye West, so it’s hard to deny his immense impact on our taste in music today. You may be aware of The-Dream’s multi-platinum bops that have broken record sales and YouTube view counts, but are you sharp enough to catch some of his lesser known hits? Take this quiz and test your knowledge of The-Dream’s incredible discography.

Watch what happens when M. Rose performs a cover song instead of an original track, the moguls are disappointed in her, especially The-Dream.

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