Rick Ross (And the World) Needs to Know: “WTF is a JVOTI?”

"Sounds like a Volkswagon..."


Rick Ross may not like it when other people smile, but definitely asks the important questions. For example:

Be honest, you were wondering, too. To be fair, Ross says that he wasn’t throwing shade, he legit just didn’t know what JVOTI meant. Is it a name? An acronym? The people need to know. The mogul said, “I wasn’t hating. I just wanted to know, like, JVOTI…What do you mean? What is that? Sounds like a Volkswagon or something. You know: The JVOTI.”

JVOTI shouldn’t feel bad, Ross and the other moguls have also been trying to get CozyWithTheCurls to change his name. It doesn’t look like JVOTI’s name is going to be a problem, though. Especially since Lenny S. decided to let him become an intern for the moguls now that his journey as an artist has come to an end.

In case you were wondering:

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