Consequence and Jen the Pen’s Six-Year-Old Son, Caiden, Dropped His First Single

The kid is trying to secure his spot in XXL Freshman Class of 2027 right now.

Season three Love & Hip Hop veteran, Jen the Pen, may have only been on the show for one season, but she definitely is a memorable former cast member because of that fight with Raqi Thunda and her constant conflict with her boyfriend, Consequence, on how to raise their son, Caiden. But four years later, and it’s Caiden that’s out here hustling to make his own way in the hip hop world — while also balancing the trials and tribulations of being in the first grade.

Yes, you read that correctly, a child is out here in these streets hustling dropping bars and shooting music videos while his peers are shuffling through reading flashcards.

He currently has a single out, “Yellow Diamonds” and so far only the audio is available because the video is in post production.

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