Surprise, It’s A… Cyn Santana and Joe Budden Reveal The Gender of Their Baby!

"We can't wait to meet you. My little angel."

Fans everywhere (Rihanna included) were stoked to find out that Cyn Santana and Joe Budden are expecting their first child with one another and we’re happy to report, they’re having a boy!

The former Love & Hip Hop stars took to Instagram to share this amazing and exciting news with a photo kissing one another while Cyn holds up a blue balloon.
She captioned, “God has blessed us with a little prince!! We can’t wait to meet you. My little angel.”

Joe is too excited to even write a paragraph this time. He shares how blessed he is with a simple caption, “Cuz pops knew exactly what he did when he made you………. #Blessed”
They are so sweet together. Earlier this summer we caught up with Cyn and she told us how excited she is about her pregnancy. As far as her shower goes? Expect it to be grande, large, and just effin’ spectacular.

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