“Mumble Rappers Go Away!” Safaree Samuels is Here to Teach You How to Really Freestyle

And he does it while wearing not one, but TWO fur coats.

Safaree Samuels is looking for someone to “make some noise” with, and he’s using Instagram to find them. The only qualification: You can’t be a mumble rapper. Oh, and you probably need to be able to pull off a fur coat.

We all know that Safaree has some pretty priceless reactions, but my favorite thing about this freestyle is that, for the first half, he is in a huge, red fur coat. What can he say? His “fur game’s on point like [he] wrestles bears.”

This image is also me when I have $5.34 cents in my bank account but still decide to treat myself.

And then, he goes and does what no artist would dare to do: He makes an actual coat change, mid-freestyle.

When he decided that it was time to literally change his coat, I fully embraced the hipster millennial that I am and literally spit out my kombucha. I’m not even kidding.

All hail Safaree, King of Coats and Freestyling:

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