17 Times (Allegedly) Drunk Celebrities Were Relatable AF

A Tale of a Night Out: A Story in Celebrity Pictures

Whether you’ve found yourself here because you went a little too hard at Thirsty Thursday or you’re nursing your hangover from last night’s rager, I’m here to take your mind off of the throbbing in your head and onto much more interesting things: Reliving your night through celebrities.

See, it’s harmless, really. The stars are just like us. They take their pants off after a night out the same way we do: They don’t. Because it’s too hard. Sometimes they can’t help but say what’s on their mind, or snap a less than flattering photo or two. It’s fun to look at celebrities outside of the realm of red carpet looks and Instagram magic. And while we’re sure it’s not exactly fun to have to see your drunk photos on the front page of the newspaper, I would argue that seeing them on your friends Snapchat story the next morning is comparable.

Now, speaking of drunk celebrities. Can we revisit this moment when Brandy inexplicably brought an inebriated Ray J to yoga class?

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