Moniece Slaughter Released a Soulful Single Entitled “Compromise” and We Can’t Help But Wonder if She’s Singing About AD Or Someone Else

"You are my right when I'm so wrong. My reason to smile when I need one."

When Moniece said that she was trying to focus on herself this season, she meant it because she pulled out a banga in the booth with her new single called “Compromise.” But um, could she be singing about AD?

Earlier this week (9/25), the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star released this passionate and pure R&B ballad. In listening to the snippet Momo posted to her Instagram account, the lyrics not only hit home but they also make you wonder if this song was inspired by her girlfriend, AD.
She sings,

…’Cause I love you too much and I don’t want to lose you. [Building] a life together. We could get through whatever, as long as you know for it to grow it takes time, takes time. You are my right when I’m so wrong. My reason to smile when I need one. And the make up is so worth the fight when we compromise.

This season Moniece and AD have certainly had their fair share of fights, so it wouldn’t be a total shocker if this was a song for bae. Motivated by her relationship with AD or just activated by creative artistry, what do you think of Moniece’s new record?

For the full 4:11 of “Compromise,” you’d have to holla at iTunes here.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip, the fighting between AD & Moniece gets so bad, Momo puts her girlfriend in the dog house.

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