Lionel Richie Reportedly Thinks Scott Disick is Literally “The Worst” Person His Daughter Could Date it advice you're lookin' for?

In case you missed it amidst the news of Kylie and Khloe and their respective pregnancies, Scott Disick has a new girlfriend and she’s way younger than his ex/baby mama Kourtney Kardashian. She’s also the daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie.

Sofia and Scott have been dating since September, and though they hadn’t been Insta-Official (which we all know is the only confirmation that counts) they were certainly packing on the PDA. They shared a celebratory dessert at a restaurant that I can only guess isn’t an Applebees (although I’ve definitely wanted to celebrate all of my milestones with a cake and waiters singing at me at my local chain restaurant.)
This is how I feel about the whole thing.

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