Iggy Azalea Took To Twitter To Say We Got The Britney Spears “Beef” Wrong, But Here’s What She Got Wrong

She may have squashed the beef, but Iggy failed to own her work.

Iggy Azalea is pissed at the media.

She took to Twitter last night to express her discontent with the way various outlets, including us, have portrayed her Britney Spears non-beef, which, let’s face it, is dumb anyway.

Iggy’s annoyed that us writers basically took a tweet she posted a couple of days ago, put it next to a tweet Britney Spears posted yesterday, and made observations about them. But ultimately, there’s no beef. Glad about that.

Iggy also tweeted her displeasure with how the media portrays women in general. As a woman in media, I agree that women’s portrayal by the media can be nauseating at the least. I’m all for women feeling empowered in what they do, even if that means they want to strut around in booty shorts and crimped hair. But here’s the problem with the rest of Iggy’s tweets.

Yes, women in general should be able to have grown up and subjective opinions. They shouldn’t be viewed as mindless robots who are just around to look good. I would have been in complete agreement with Iggy on this had she not played a disconnected robot/alien creature in the “Pretty Girls” video.

As a woman, I want to see other women be empowered in what they do. This doesn’t meant you can’t look hot as hell in your music videos. It just means you have to own it and not get bitter when it doesn’t receive the attention you wanted it to. But here’s the real kicker:

So Iggy, who based her “Fancy” video off of Clueless, a teenage drama, doesn’t want us to view female relationships as teenage dramas. ???

Iggy is using feminist ideals where it is convenient to her. As women, we need to stop doing this. Feminism is not a sometimes-maybe thing. It’s not a helmet you decide to put on when life gets hard and your song flops. It’s not okay to manipulate a movement to which women have dedicated decades of their lives in order to fit your narrative as you see fit. The fact that Iggy is only featured on “Pretty Girls” doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t own it as if it were her song entirely. So what if it was a flop? Be gracious about it and keep it moving.

In the end, Iggy wants me and other freelance bloggers to thank her — I guess for providing material to write about?

At least I didn’t have to “twist” anything about this in order to get paid.

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