No Halloween Plans? Here’s How You Can Make Your DIY Love & Hip Hop Party Jack-O-Lantern Lit

Dress up to drink up!

It’s that time of year where for one day we can excusably be anyone other than ourselves. Themed parties is all it’s about. While you can take the easy way out and just throw your ol’ run of the mill boring predictable Halloween party, spook things up a bit Love & Hip Hop or just plain ol’ VH1-style. Whether it’s stealing your auntie’s wig and Neo from The Matrix’s trench coat to be Yung Joc or putting random nests in the middle of the function after channeling your inner Momma Dee, here are some ways you can have a poppin’ poltergeist Love & Hip Hop-inspired affair.

  • Everyone must obviously be on theme.

    Don’t want to be the same thing as everyone else this year? No worries! With items in your closet you could dress up as any Love & Hip Hop star you desire. With high-waisted jeans and a snug top showing off some cleavage, you could be Miss Nikki Baby with the right set of heels. Are you the all-black type? Welp, with a leather jacket, a good belt, and some boots, boom! You’re Jackie Christie. If layers are your thing, a t-shirt, a jacket, jeans, a plaid shirt tied around your waist with a good shoe and you’re Rasheeda. In the event clothes aren’t your thing, throw on lingerie with some bloody shoes to be Tommie Lee.

  • Wig Out!

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    Cyn Santana said it best in the web exclusive above. You can be whoever you want with the switch of a wig. A wig can change transform your fit into a costume with the quickness. With a nice pink one, Jessica Dime is born. Feeling coppery? Have your man be a phone charger to your Teairra Mari. Can you say couples costume? Or get you a nice short cut wig with flipped-up hair in the front and it’s going down as Yung Joc.

  • Try plastic cups or rather, plastic everything!

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    If you’ve ever watched a function on Love & Hip Hop, then you’d know that they aren’t always very successful. In order to throw an event in true LHH fashion, nail things down to the table or go plastic! Ask security. They’ll tell you all about it in the clip above. You have to keep it authentic.

  • Halloween-themed party favors!

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    In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip above, Masika had a makeup launch party so it was only appropriate to have Khari Barbie products everywhere. Put out some skull shot glasses or some pumpkin-flavored pastries, whatever you decide! Just make sure you keep it far away from your hot-headed guests or you will find your stuff on the floor!

  • Couples and Single Costumes!

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    Got a feather duster or a Party City nearby? Molly the Maid is kewl costume. If you have a man, he can be a shower rod! Couple costume. Other suggestions include, Princess and a pooch, Stevie J and a contract, Safaree and a fur, A1 and a waist trainer, or Safaree and a chicken wing!

  • Food and Dranks!

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    Tommie Lee’s wine, Le Don is cool for the lightweights or you could have some Bossard like Jackie Christie. Halloween-inspired foods are always an great idea. If you land on having bowls of mini candy or full-blown appetizers, make sure no one is serving any platters to the face. Cheese is not a weapon.

Here are some drink recipes that are ghoulishly delicious! Cheers and drink responsibly!

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