Exclusive: Drita Spills the Tea on Who She’ll Ride for and Who She Didn’t Initially Get Along With In the Scared Famous House

"So who ever doesn't like Sky...they can go f--k themselves."

Living with big personalities like Sky, Erica Mena and Tiffany “New York” Pollard could have very easily been the scariest thing about living in the Scared Famous house – even considering it was haunted. But luckily for Drita, after dealing with all of the personalities of Mob Wives, living in this house was a walk in the park.
In this exclusive interview, Drita talks about her crazy roommates and how she feels about all of them. Initially she didn’t like Yung Joc but she had nothing but nice things to say about Nikki and her body. And even though her relationship with Tiffany is…complicated to say the least, she respects the fact that Tiffany will always speak her mind.

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