Lil Mo’s Husband Admits to Slipping Up But Reveals On Couples Court That He Never Actually Planned on Getting Married

"I had no intentions on ever being with one woman but I was trying to work on it."

Lil’ Mo dealt with real life infidelity with husband Karl Dargan; she even took him to Couples Court With The Cutlers to see just how unfaithful her “Forever” has been.

Since Mo has made her Love & Hip Hop debut, it’s been clear that family means everything to her. The “Superwoman” singer recently dealt with rumors circulating about her husband’s alleged infidelity. After Mo’s son Justin came up with some very telling Google results from searching Karl’s name, she wanted to lay any doubt to rest once and for all. Karl resolved with Mo to take a polygraph test and it looks like they went on daytime TV to receive it.

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