After Video Of Tara Wallace Shading Amina Surfaces, Tara Goes Off on Fans and Blogs Who Are Still Talking About Them: “Get A F—in’ Life!”

"A lot of you out there are stupid... It must be a slow news day in the blogs because Amina and I aren't even on Love & Hip Hop right now.... Get a f---in' life."

The internet never lets things die. Le sigh. After an old video surfaced of Tara speaking on Amina and Peter’s relationship, the former Love & Hip Hop star signed onto a late night IG live session to clear things up.

To backtrack, in the vintage video, Tara goes in on her ex and his marriage saying Amina should have expected f—d up results.

“I don’t give a f–k if she’s his wife, you don’t marry someone when they’re living with someone and expect them to move on. That’s just how it works people. If you want to be someone’s wife, make sure they’re single, you move on, you have no problems. If you’re going to go about things f–d up then you can expect f–d up results. That’s just life. Like come one, let’s just be real, 100% real. If you’re going to marry someone when they’re with someone and you’re clear about their situation, then you have to expect f–d up results.”

Amina commented on the video posted to the Famelous’ Instagram account saying, “Somebody mad? what I miss? Lol”

A newer video of Tara began making it’s rounds where she basically slams Amina’s marriage to Peter. In the live feed Tara begins by saying,

“First of all that clip is old and what I’m saying is based off of what people are asking me of what people are saying to me so anything I have to say to someone else I’m at free will and have the balls and wherewithal to say it to their face if I wanted to say it but I like to be clear. I always like to be clear which is why I was saying what I was saying in the video and I didn’t say anything wrong. I don’t even know what was stupid about what I said.”

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