Is Rihanna Trying to Tell Us a Bad Gal Wedding is Coming in 2018?

I spy a massive rock! We. Need. Answers.

So…Rihanna recently posted an Instagram photo of herself out and about in New York City looking glamorous as ever. Just an ordinary day in the life of Rihanna, right? Wrong!

There’s a very important detail in this photo (aside from that sick Dolce & Gabbana coat) that has all of her fans ready to flip their wig… ? look ? at ? that ? rock! And yes, it’s on that finger.

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As we told you over the summer, Rihanna has reportedly been dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. The “Wild Thoughts” singer’s social media mentions quickly lit up after nosey paps caught them locking lips in a hot tub while vacationing in Spain. Even after all of the speculation, Rihanna and Hassan have managed to keep their public sightings to the absolute minimum and have guarded their “alleged” relationship with CIA-like precision. Only…this ring is raising our antennas once again.

And without further ado…here is social media trying to process the possibility that Rih Rih may officially be off the market.

Others aren’t so convinced:

Of course, it’s just a ring so there’s no reason to get all flustered just yet. It’s just that we’re all clamoring to see what a “Bad Gal” wedding looks like and we literally cannot wait. Is that so wrong?

Rihanna and Drake are strictly on friend terms at the moment, but we can’t resist a moment to reflect on their infamous situationship.

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