Rob Kardashian Has Apparently Been Seriously Bummed Out Since Breaking Up With Blac Chyna

People in his camp are really worried.

2017 has been a whirlwind of drama for Rob Kardashian following his messy and very public split from Blac Chyna. Now that the dust has settled on the Chyna vs. Kardashians melee, sources say Rob isn’t doing so well outside of his relationship with 1-year-old daughter Dream.

According to, an inside source claims Rob remains isolated and isn’t taking care of himself. His junk food addiction continues to go unchecked, and he doesn’t socialize with anyone except his family. Though he and Chyna’s relationship has mellowed out, they are “still in disagreement when it comes to money.”

Back in July, Rob and Chyna had an explosive break up that played out on social media. Rob went on an angry posting spree, sharing nude photos of his ex while accusing her of substance abuse and infidelity. Chyna immediately sought out high profile attorney Lisa Bloom and slapped her ex with a restraining order.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last of their drama. In September, Rob and his sister Kylie Jenner sued Chyna for battery, assault and vandalism to Kylie’s home which they were living in while together. In October, Chyna filed her own lawsuit claiming Rob verbally and physically abused her and, as a result of their feud, damaged her brand.

In the five months since their breakup, Rob has allegedly remained unmotivated and depressed. “Rob needs someone to be held accountable to,” the source told People. “Someone that he sees on a regular basis and that won’t accept bad food decisions. His family is hoping he will finally change.”

Here’s to hoping the holiday season (and adorable baby Dream) will bring dear Rob some cheer.

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