These Workout Plans By VH1 Stars Will Help You Get It Right and Tight in 2018

Getting fit has never been so lit!

Most of us are never too thrilled about going to the gym. The equipment can be intimidating, and you can guaruntee the spot will be packed as everyone rushes in to get their 2018 fitness resolutions on track. But let’s remember, you don’t necessarily need a gym to get that stomach on flat flat and a** on what’s that (thanks Drake!)

Former Love & Hip Hop star Sky Landish lost an astounding 70 pounds. She was so inspired by all the questions and comments about her new snatched frame that she launched her Strip N’ Fitness studio with fiance DJ Drewski. Kaylin Garcia’s Tworkout classes are touring the country and selling out at rapid speed. Teyana Taylor’s infamous abs inspired her brand new FADE 2 FIT choreo-based workout program.

The best part is none of these ladies are selling gym memberships, magic snake oils or gimmicks. Just hard work (and fun!) fitness and diet programs you’re bound to love.

When Tiny and Shekinah attempt to film their workout video, their ideas do not mesh well as Shekinah continues to talk over Tiny.

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