As Hard As It’s All Been, Sky Explains The Real Reason Why She Shared Her Adoption Story On Black Ink Crew

"I Did This To Show You My Life & Where I Came From"

As emotionally nerve-racking as it was for Sky to reunite with her sons, especially on reality TV, she feels it was absolutely necessary for her to share her story.

Following that explosive episode of Black Ink Crew where Sky was reunited with her two sons Dez and Genesis, she took to Instagram to explain why she chose to be so vulnerable in sharing such a sensitive moment in her life.
She shared the preview of her meet up with Genesis with a caption explaining her intent. She explained:

Tonight’s Episode Is Hard To Watch But I Know Using The Platform Of #BlackinkCrew To Bring Awareness To Adoption Is All I Wanted + More.. You’ve Followed This Journey For the Past Few Years & Now Tonight You Finally See Us Reunited❤️☺️??
I Could Give A F–k Bout A Bum A– Crusty Lipped HatIn B—h That Used To Compliment Me Like #Dutchess who Shops Numbers Are doing TERRIBLE (I’ve been Told by 1 of your employees) & That Tries To Stay Relevant via Me Or My Thievin A– Ex Manager Chase That Her & A– Kissin “Friend” #CouponViv (remember when You Met Me ☺️ You Almost Cried And wanted a pic )
Linked Up Wit Let Alone A Bum A– Comment From a Strange Fan….
Thank You For Following My Journey And For The Dm’s & Messages Of Love.❤️ Thank You. I Did This To Show You My Life & Where I Came From.. I Just Thank God For The Glow Up & A Roof Ova My Head….. I’ve Learned To Accept The Things I Can Not Change.

Shots at Dutchess aside, Sky felt she owed viewers who have been following her journey for the past few years. From turning around the first time she was going to visit them to meeting up with Alton, Genesis’s father, it certainly has been quite the emotional journey. We commend Sky for being brave enough and hope her goal of inspiring others is met.

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, Sky meets her son Genesis for the first time.

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