The Golden Globes Realized They Were Being Sexist So They Rebranded This Award

You might've missed this tiny detail during last night's Golden Globes.

This year we saw the Golden Globes address issues of sexism and sexual assault in Hollywood. For an awards show that is usually about honoring Hollywood, the Globes took a step back this year to instead question the issues in Tinseltown. Granted, much of the change came from actors and actresses themselves, choosing to wear all black to the awards show in solidarity with the #TimesUp movement, bringing female activists as their dates to the awards, and some just straight up calling out the issues within (and outside of) the industry during their acceptance speeches.

One change was made by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to address sexism, though you may not have caught it amidst the sea of black dresses and tuxedos. Each year, the Golden Globes chooses a Miss (or Mr.) Golden Globes to usher the awards and their recipients to and from the stage. The honor is usually given to celebrity kids. Last year Sylvester Stallone’s daughters shared the title amongst the three of them.

This year, the Globes shook things up a bit, changing the title to Golden Globe Ambassador and selecting Simone Garcia Johnson, daughter of Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia, to perform the honor.
What’s the difference between being Miss Golden Globe and the Golden Globe Ambassador? The Golden Globe Ambassador is now a philanthropic position, carried out by someone who “embodies the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s philanthropic efforts year round.”
It looks like the Golden Globes realized that calling a young woman Miss Golden Globe and having her usher statues to and from the stage all night might not have looked so good in the wake of all that is happening in Hollywood.

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