Poll: Would You Be Here For a Safaree and Juju Relationship?

Or... Do you prefer him with Dreamdoll?

Safaree and Dreamdoll are done. After spending half of the Love & Hip Hop season dating, Safaree and Dreamdoll are done. Their relationship was working in the beginning, especially when she helped him through a really tough time, but their fire fizzled out when he decided he would work with MariahLynn whether Dream liked it or not.

Now we already know that Safaree is hopeless romantic and after seeing that his relationships with Sophia Body and Miss Nikki Baby not work out, we’re definitely agreeing with his mom that it might be time for him to start seriously looking for love.

We’ve seen Safaree and Juju spend a lot of time together this season, especially while working on her upcoming play, but it was after their friend date that a lot of people really started to see it for idea of these two getting together.

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